The Story Behind "Mysteries of the Bowel Solved: Tan Colored Stools"

You’re Not Alone as Our Story Will Show!

Everyone loves a story! So here’s the back story about how this book came to be in front of you. 

We have had a website since 1999 that strives to educate, inform and at times entertain people about the internal workings of the body’s and our digestive system. Our numbers suggest that has grown into quite a resource for people over the years. 

As we expanded, we noticed that many people were interested in particular in several articles we had posted about tan colored stools and light colored stool. Then we started to get calls from not only the United States but from people all over the world to see if we can help them figure out what was happening. 

Most shared that they had abdominal pain, light brown poop, and light colored stools but that they had gone to their doctor and the doctor couldn’t figure out what was causing it. 

Without solutions, this left them with only worry about whether tan colored stool is a serious concern. Some were concerned that they had some disease; others wanted to know what they could do at home and still others wanted to know whether they needed to go to the hospital. 

This keen level of interest and the myriad of calls and questions prompted us to share the answers we have to this worrisome problem. The result?  "Mysteries of the Bowel Solved: Tan Colored Stools"

We hope you can move from a dead end to a happy ending! 

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