Gratitude-Benefits for Life!

Research is mounting that gratitude’s positive downstream effect on our body, mind and spirit helps us stay healthy.



How would giving thanks year round - instead of just during the holidays - affect your physical and psychological health?


You answered right – in positive ways! For example:


·      Gratitude can help us manage stress. It is hard to be stressed and thankful at the same time.

·      Feeling grateful is an exercise in optimism and optimism is good for our immune system. Optimism simply makes our cells happy!

·      Gratitude fosters more patience with self and others because it’s an exercise in mindfulness – mindfulness not only about what others have contributed to your life but what you bring to your own life.


Gratitude not only helps with mental well-being but has physical benefits as well.


·      It can help to improve your sleep.  Positive thoughts before going to bed vs. troubled ones can calm the nervous system.

·      Feeling down? Gratitude is an antidote to ease depression because it helps to remind you what is good about your life instead of what is not working.

·      Some studies have shown that gratitude can improve your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and even lower levels of systemic inflammation. Wow!


Cultivate gratitude as a frame of mind daily for 365 days of the year to enjoy benefits for life!


And we thank you for reading, and most of all we are most grateful for entrusting your health with us. Happy Thanksgiving!


Yours in health,

Dr. Patrick

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