Food Sensitivities: Gloria's Success Story 

"After reading about Dr. Patrick in the Lotus Guide magazine, my husband and I decided to attend one of his free seminars on food sensitivities. I didn’t know anyone personally that had ever seen Dr. Patrick before, but I have had past success with using alternative medicine.

I have suffered from multiple chemical sensitivities and uncomfortable digestive issues. My chemical sensitivities were so bad that I was unable to go into stores. I had to have the store clerks come outside to do business with me because my body was unable to tolerate the smell of new merchandise. An alternative health doctor up in Paradise helped my body begin to tolerate everyday chemical sensitivities, but I still have to be careful of my surroundings.

“I have been seeing Dr. Patrick for about 6 months and he has helped me with a variety of health issues including my wheat sensitivity, bladder control, and my ability to digest carbohydrates better."

I also have found that I am extremely sensitive to wheat, barley and rye which contains gluten. Even as a child I can remember feeling like there were rocks in my stomach after eating pancakes. Here I am in my 70’s and I just realized a few years ago that it was wheat giving me these problems all of these years. My personal fix for my wheat problem was to substitute wheat products for rice or oats. I began to develop my own recipes to avoid wheat, ate properly and exercised regularly. But my problems persisted.

I have been seeing Dr. Patrick for about 6 months and he has helped me with a variety of health issues including my wheat sensitivity. Since I have been seeing Dr. Patrick I have been able to digest carbohydrates better as long as I eat them later in the day. He has helped me with my depression, and my mind is much clearer than it used to be.  What also surprised me was that I have better bladder control and I have noticed that my fingernails have become stronger.

I am still working with Dr. Patrick to overcome some health issues but I have noticed a definite improvement to my health, and I have become more focused on healthy eating. I would definitely recommend Dr. Patrick to others."

- Gloria

Orland, California

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