Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Tracy's Success Story 

"I am 63, retired and in an overall good state of health, except when I started having chronic bowel problems. Initially I had gone to see a gastrointestinal doctor and had a colonoscopy. The gastrointestinal doctor told me I was going to have to live with IBS the rest of my life.

“The gastrointestinal doctor told me I was going to have to live with IBS for the rest of my life."

I saw an ad in the local newspaper about IBS and Dr. Patrick and at that point I was willing to try anything. I had been living with IBS for about 5 years, but as time went on the severity of my condition worsened. The IBS was really affecting my life. I was afraid to leave the house without taking antidiarrheal medications. Long car rides or vacations were unpredictable.

I hoped through my visits with Dr. Patrick that I would be able to manage my IBS so that I could feel comfortable living a normal life. And, I am pleased to say, it worked for me.

Currently, I am on ‘maintenance’ and see Dr. Patrick about every 3 months. As long as I eat right foods for me and take my digestive enzymes I am back to normal again! I am now able to take long car rides and go on vacations without a worry."

- Tracy

Chico, California

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35% to 40% of individuals who report IBS are male. Approximately 60% to 65% of individuals are female.