Cleansing: Toni's Success Story

Dr. Patrick has been my “wellness” practitioner for many years, so when I decided to try a detox program, I turned to him. I’d heard of other detox programs but when Dr. Patrick described his “Whole Body Cleanse”, I felt I could incorporate it easily into my daily life for the required two weeks. (Some programs sounded almost impossible for me to complete.)

“I…noticed my bowels were workng better, my skin was clearer and a few other nagging symptoms had disappeared."

I was especially impressed with the footbaths. I could actually see the gunk that was stored in my body floating in the footbath water after each session. The bath water became clearer with each session, showing me progress throughout the “Cleanse.”

I completed the program successfully and noticed my bowels were working better, my skin was clearer and a few other nagging symptoms had disappeared.

There are several aspects of the “Cleanse” that take minimal time and I am working to incorporate these habits into my everyday life – such as drinking more water, a-lemon-a-day, lymphatic breathing, exercise and dry skin brushing.

I feel this experience was beneficial to my body and mind.


- Toni

Chico, California

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There are 15 million chemicals used worldwide. Yet fewer than 10% have been tested for safety in humans. 

- Dr. Patrick Giammarise, DC, IHS

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