Diabetes and Sinus Issues: Sherry’s Success Story

 "I’ve had debilitating sinus and throat issues for over 13 years. The last two to three years, a chronic cough developed that seemed to have no cause or solution. This was in addition to being diabetic with wildly fluctuating blood sugar levels, fatigue, and deteriorating quality of life overall.

I’ve been to General Practice doctors and Endocrinologists regularly since 1996 when diagnosed with diabetes. None of them would ever address my sinus/throat issues; they always wanted to check my heart, lungs, etc. – which were always fine. I could never get anyone to even listen to my complaints about these problems that were dragging down my daily life.

One day last June I decided something had to be done; I could not take the “sinus-coughing attacks” anymore.

I had seen Dr. Patrick’s ads and articles in the Chico News/Review and on the Internet for the past five years or so. I had put off seeing him because I know about gluten sensitivity – I was diagnosed with Celiac over 10 years ago, and had completely eliminated any type of gluten or wheat from my diet. If that was the only solution he could offer – being gluten free – I didn’t think he could help me. But I was pretty desperate to have a better quality of daily life, and had nothing to lose.

 On my first visit to Dr. Patrick, I liked his approach and understanding that many factors contribute to a problem. Most doctors want to diagnose only “one part of the system” and won’t consider causes outside their specialty. Dr. Patrick discussed how it’s not just gluten that’s a problem – it can be entire food group intolerances i.e. sugars or carbohydrates. That’s why sometimes a food doesn’t cause a problem initially, but then a couple days later the same food seems to set off digestive upsets or headaches. A light bulb went off for me! Finally, someone who believed in a “whole body” approach and solving the underlying health issues, not just treating a symptom or two.

After three months of seeing Dr. Patrick, I realized that my health had greatly improved! All the sinus attacks had stopped, I wasn’t coughing my way through the night, and I had more energy to get through busy weekends without needing four days to recuperate.

Other improvements that just came along with his treatments were weight loss (about ten pounds without even trying), much lower overall blood sugar levels, and confidence that the positive health results will continue over time. I’m so happy I took a chance on Dr. Patrick. I know so many other people who could benefit from his care – who can’t use better health!"

- Sherry 

Willows, California

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