Skin Rash: Dan's Success Story

"I am a 49 year old restaurant owner who had never tried alternative medicine before. I first went to a general practitioner and was referred to a dermatologist who in turn sent me to an allergist. I went through all the allergy tests. The results were negative. The most annoying problem I had was a persistent rash that covered most of my body. Other symptoms I experienced were gas, bloating, heartburn, brain fog, and difficulty sleeping. I have battled this problem for about 5 years, but in the last 3 years my symptoms became quite severe.

After the first week of seeing Dr. Patrick, the rash was almost totally gone and I could sleep through the night. 

I have not felt this good in years.

The difficulty I had sleeping really impacted my life; I would wake up in the morning exhausted. My first thought as I got out of bed was planning when I would have time for a nap during the day. I usually napped 2 – 3 hours per day. The rash was treated with Prednisone, which worked wonders, but I ended up in the emergency room with atrial fibrillation. 

I came to see Dr. Patrick after reading one of his ads in the newspaper and the symptoms of digestive issues sounded identical to the ones I was experiencing. I was ready to try anything to get relief. I wanted the rash to go away without the adverse side effects of Prednisone and I wanted to be able to sleep through the night.

After the first week of seeing Dr. Patrick, the rash was almost totally gone and I could sleep through the night. I now wake up rested and no longer need to take naps during the day. Also, as a side benefit, I lost 20 pounds in the first 8 weeks. Overall I feel great and I’m not exhausted all the time or as grouchy which makes me a lot more productive at home and work. I have not felt this good in years.

I still don’t understand how Dr. Patrick’s approach works, but I do know that it definitely worked for me. I refer everyone I talk to, to go see Dr. Patrick. I have spent more money on co-pays for specialists, medications and testing than the entire treatment regimen with Dr. Patrick.”

- Dan

Oroville, California

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Atopic dermatitis or eczema affects an estimated 10-20% of children and 1-3% of adults nationwide. 

Most people outgrow atopic dermatitis by early adulthood, but for some, the disease persists. 


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