Colitis: Norma's Success Story

 “In 2007 I started having urgent and explosive stools, perineum pain after evacuating, and rectal bleeding. After a colonoscopy, I was diagnosed with colitis and was prescribed Asacol for the inflammation. I was told that I could eat anything I wanted, but I knew that certain foods like glutens and cow dairy gave me extreme weakness and drowsiness. 


In 2009, a Weston A. Price chapter formed in Chico and I attended the first class. I started making bone broth and fermented foods. I avoided processed foods, and after learning about the effects of GMO’s I have avoided them also. I improved, but still had fairly frequent episodes of rectal bleeding. 


 In 2010, I read the Gut and Psychology book by Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD from Cambridge, England. I started following the healing protocol, and continued to improve but I still had episodes of rectal bleeding that only very expensive suppositories would alleviate. In 2011, Dr. Campbell-McBride offered trainings in the U.S. for medical professionals to become a GAPS Practitioner.  


In 2014, on a trip to VT, I started having rectal bleeding and went back to eating only bone broth with some meat or fish, butternut squash, and some butter or ghee. After 9 months of not being able to progress to other vegetables, in April 2015, I saw Dr. Patrick for a consultation. Within a couple weeks of treatments, I was able to expand my diet and eat a variety of vegetables. The rectal bleeding stopped and 3 months later has not reoccured. My energy is better, and my friends remark that I am more vibrant!”


  - Norma

Chico, California

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