Child Improves Focus, Concentration and Learning Abilities: Deana's Success Story 

My 5 year old daughter began receiving speech, OT and PT therapies at 20 months of age and was diagnosed with "developmental delay" at age 2.  She has always been hyperactive and unable to focus well and has had difficulty with comprehension and retention.  When the doctors recommended surgery for a wandering eye, I decided to travel from Arizona to California and have her see Dr. Patrick. 

“After the third treatment I started noticing some changes [in my 5 year old daughter]."

After the third treatment I started noticing some changes.  She understood what was being said to her and was responding appropriately.  She was less jittery, more focused and people began commenting that her speech had improved.   These changes continued at home.  Shortly after returning she sat relaxed through a 2-hour movie with the family, something that had never happened. 

We have been home over a month now and I have not seen her eye wander at all.  She got a glowing report from her speech therapist who noticed a big improvement.  Last week her kindergarten teacher said to me: "Ever since you came back from California, Jaelin understands what I am asking her to do and is able to focus and work independently".  Music to this mama's ears!

I'm so grateful to Dr. Patrick.  He is a doctor that is not only gifted at what he does but truly cares about his patients.”

Deana, mother of child


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