When Your Bowel Speaks...Listen to your Gut

Without knowing what foods are causing your problem, you might as well be playing the food version of Russian Roulette.

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Laurie, a 54-year-old mother of 3, learned she had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). She “tried everything” from home remedies to anti- diarrheal drugs, but these provided only temporary solutions. 

A 65-year-old business owner, Bob, had complained of arthritis for years. He took ibuprofen to relief the stiffness and pain but knew “it was chewing his stomach up”. His medical doctor wanted to give him acid blocking drugs but he did not want to take more drugs. So he decided to just live with it. 

Debbie, 32, a waitress, started to have bloating and cramping after eating pizza at work.  But she didn’t know if her bloating after eating pizza was caused by the tomatoes, cheese, pepperoni or the gluten in the crust giving her trouble. So she’d avoid pizza but still became constipated after eating other foods. She didn’t know what foods were causing her bowel problems.

What do Laurie, Bob and Debbie have in common? Their health problems can all be traced to eating foods that they are sensitive to or intolerant of.

For example it wasn’t until Laurie’s friend asked her what she was eating that Laurie made the ‘ah ha’ connection. IBS is linked to many common foods such as tomatoes, milk, wheat, corn, eggs, chocolate, and nuts. 

Bob’s wife gave him some information about arthritis being linked to certain types of foods. Unfortunately for Bob, the list included all of his favorite foods- wheat, sugar, pork, potatoes and chili peppers.

As for Debbie? She was just plain discouraged because she did not know what to eat to avoid her symptoms. It became a frustrated guessing game of avoidance; then hope followed by despair. 

Without knowing what foods are causing their problem, Laurie, Bob and Debbie might as well play the food version of Russian roulette. In other words: You have to eat to stay healthy: But is your food making you sick? 

Ignoring Your ‘Gut’ Can Be Dangerous 

Our gut and our bowel. While these organs are supposed to work together to keep us healthy, we’ve all felt the symptoms when they don’t. Bloating, gas, abdominal pains, gurgling, constipation, and diarrhea are just a few. 

When you are food sensitive or food intolerant, if untreated, your body is under a 24 /7 toxic attack trying to digest what you have eaten. Undigested food eventually overloads our immune system and creates more problems. Our gut is our first level of defense against bacteria, parasites, viruses, and other substances that could harm us. Maybe that’s why the gut is referred to “the body’s second brain”. 

When Your Bowel Speaks… 

Perhaps you are wondering: How do I know what foods I am sensitive, intolerant or allergic to? 

At the Digestion Relief Center, we use a multi disciplinary approach to bring you relief.  First we assess what foods are causing your bowel symptoms. Then, we help you modify your diet, enhance your digestion and desensitize you to the foods that produce allergy-like reactions.

Once Laurie understood her trigger foods for example, her IBS symptoms improved, along with her ability to digest starches and complex sugars. Once she learned the connection between carbs and diarrhea she was able to live without the fear of “not making it to the bathroom in time”. Bob never really thought about food causing his achy joints and muscles, but he now has a drug free solution. And once we helped Debbie find the cause, she found her cure.

If traditional medical approaches for bowel problems are not working, call Dr. Patrick’s Chico office at 530-899-8741 to schedule a consultation. Find out how you can live life free of the pain and embarrassment of bowel problems. 

Dr. Patrick Giammarise, DC, Internal Health Specialist, Founder of the Digestion Relief Center, in Chico California,  specializes in effective, natural relief for IBS, food sensitivities and digestive problems. 

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Published in the Chico Enterprise Record April 2012.

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