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Lisa just couldn't get through the day without napping.  Until she visited Digestion Relief Center in Chico, California.

Joe shares that sleep is no longer restful.

If not addressed, fatigue becomes the perfect host for getting even sicker.

Sherri tells her friend she no longer feels like doing anything anymore- “I am just barely getting through my day.”

While it’s normal to feel fatigued from time to time, it’s a problem when our energy level falls short of accomplishing everyday tasks. When we don’t get the much needed chance to rest and repair on a cellular level, fatigue becomes chronic. This eventually exhausts the immune system, which then has to work overtime to compensate for the body’s weaknesses. If not addressed, fatigue becomes the perfect host for getting even sicker.

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Maybe you have gone to your doctor and ruled out common causes of fatigue such as anemia, chronic infection, thyroid problems, inflammation, chronic pain, depression and, of course, lack of sleep. If you are still feeing overly fatigued however, you will need to look at other causes.

Causes hidden or often overlooked, yet essential to overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome, are:

Poor Digestion - Food is our fuel but if we don’t have adequate digestion then we lose the ability to nourish ourselves properly. Water allows our body to import nutrients and export waste. When our bodies lose this everyday ability to assimilate nutrients and eliminate waste, we become both undernourished and toxic. This leads to systemic chronic fatigue. How do you know if you have poor digestion? If you experience bloating after meals indigestion constipation or diarrhea, it’s likely that your digestion is inadequate. 

Blood Sugar SwingsWhen we lose our natural ability to regulate glucose, which is in charge of our energy on a cellular level, we get highs and lows that exhaust us during the day and makes it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

Hormonal Issues  - Did you know your hormones help you maintain energy? When your body develops hormonal imbalances, especially with the thyroid or the adrenal glands, you can become chronically fatigued. 

If You Get To The Cause, You Get To Your Cure

Remember the days when you didn’t feel fatigued all the time? You can reclaim those days and your natural state of energy by addressing the core cause of your chronic fatigue.

If what you’ve tried isn’t working, join hundreds of other people in Chico and Redding California who have found relief from chronic fatigue syndrome with our 3-part approach: We improve your digestion, stimulate nerve pathways to help the body reestablish it’s own innate ability to maintain blood sugar and we work with the neuroendocrine system to rebalance hormones.

To find out how you can have more energy, call the Digestion Relief Center at 530-899-8741 to schedule a consultation in our Chico office to learn how Dr. Patrick’s approach can help you.  

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