And Now a Word About GERD! Acid Reflux Symptoms and Solutions for GERD in Chico

If you are one of millions who suffer from these conditions, and are using OTC or prescriptive drugs to treat your condition, you may be using an ineffective approach.

It’s after dinner and your friend starts acting funny, rubbing his stomach and stifling a belch. You look concerned. Your friend says, “I have GERD”. You are thinking to yourself …that doesn’t sound very good. And you would be right!

GERD, aka heartburn or acid reflux, stands for Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disorder. (Heartburn is really a descriptive word of what people feel when they have GERD).

GERD symptoms occur when acid from the stomach moves up through the tissues of the upper stomach and into the esophagus. This creates a burning sensation, indigestion, or worse, a regurgitation of stomach contents. Untreated, acid reflux can eventually damage, ulcerate or even cause a precancerous esophageal condition known as Barrett’s Esophagus.

The most common treatment for GERD is drugs. Muscle relaxants, asthma drugs, and beta-blockers however, have secondary side effects that create problems with the very conditions they are supposed to treat. Many patients report that they have aspirin gerd. Aspirin and acid reflux often occur together because aspirin causes bleeding in the stomach and causes the stomach’s protective mucosal lining to atrophy or weaken.

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Are You Getting Burned By Heartburn Drugs?  

If you are one of millions who suffer from these conditions, and are using OTC or prescriptive drugs to treat your condition, you may be using an ineffective approach. 

The job of antacids, or acid blocking drugs, is to block or neutralize stomach acid production. The problem is that our stomach makes its own gastric acid for a reason: It needs acid to digest our food. People think antacids work because they give symptomatic, temporary relief but they do not get to the real cause of the problem, (see below).

In addition, antacids and acid blocking drugs may cause osteoporosis, i.e. bone loss from malabsorption of minerals, impede protein digestion, create bowel problems and can promote serious bacterial infections in the gut, impacting our immune system. Heart burn medication use has been associated with , kidney failure, increased heart attacks and increased incidence of dementia.


Top right illustrates the normal function of the lower esophageal sphincter. Bottom right illustrates an open sphincter, which allows stomach contents to reflux back into the esophagus, causing a burning sensation. 

If You Get To The Cause …You Can Get To The Cure 

In our clinic, we have found many GERD sufferers have one of more of the following conditions that’s causing their upset: 

1. Irritated stomach lining and inadequate digestive enzyme production. 

2. Food allergies or sensitivities that cause protracted digestive problems.

3. Mechanical or structural weakness with the diaphragm, which can lead to a Hiatal Hernia. 

Want Real Relief from Heartburn and Acid Reflux? 

In our clinic, we have helped hundreds of patients in the Chico and Redding California area to get relief from GERD symptoms by using a 3-part treatment approach that gets to the cause(s): We nourish and restore the protective mucosal stomach lining, we improve your digestion, and we stimulate nerve pathways that lead to the upper stomach and throat to reduce spasms and reflux.

Learn how you can go beyond temporary relief: Attend our next FREE seminar  in Chico, or schedule a personal consultation to learn how Dr. Patrick’s approach might be right for you. Call the Digestion Relief Center at 530-899-8741 today so that you, or someone you know, can enjoy eating again!

Dr. Patrick Giammarise, D.C., Internal Health Specialist, is the founder of the Digestive Relief Center in Chico, California. He specializes in effective, natural relief for GERD, heartburn, acid reflux and digestive problems. 

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