10 Things Your Face Says About Your Health

When it comes to your overall health your face does not lie. Your face can be a remarkably accurate tool that can tell you and your doctor how well your body is functioning. Our skin is the largest organ in the body, and an important organ of detoxification. When normal avenues of detoxification are overworked, our skin picks up the slack.  Learn more about your Face and Good Health.  By carefully examining your face in the mirror, you can get a look at many of the health conditions going on inside your body.


Face and Good Health

1  Dark Circles Under Eyes indicate kidney stress and problems with the kidney.


2  Vertical Wrinkle Between Eyebrows indicate that the liver may be enlarged and hardening.


Oily Skin on Forehead or Excessive Sweating Indicates decreased liver function.


4  Yellow Lumpy Deposits Below and Above the Eyes indicates high cholesterol.


5  Bags Under Eyes indicate decreased excretion and lymphatic congestion.


6  Horizontal Wrinkle Across Nose can indicate pancreatic problems.


7  Red Nose can indicate heart and circulatory problems.


8  Smooth Glossy Tongue indicates B vitamin deficiencies.


White Coating on Tongue indicates candida/ fungal overgrowth.


10  Crease in Ear Lobe can indicate heart and circulatory problems.


If you have any of these signs, now is the time to consider how you can help improve your body’s function before these seemingly problems become bigger problems. 

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