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The solution to your problems may lie in improving your digestion and reducing your sensitivities.
contact-dr-patrick/ 1 pages
Contact Dr. Patrick
digestion---the-overlooked/ 2 pages
Digestion - The Overlooked Key To Health
Digestion Quiz: Is This YOU?
dr-patrick/ 2 pages
Dr. Patrick
Dr. Patrick’s Digestion Relief Discovery: His Personal Story
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articles/ 1 pages
about-acid-reflux-gerd-/ 5 pages
About Acid Reflux (GERD) & Heartburn
Heartburn: Another Kind of Heartache
Are Heartburn Drugs Harmful?
Heartburn: A Different View
Don’t Be a Nerd about GERD
about-allergies--sensitivit/ 9 pages
About Allergies & Sensitivities
Is Your Bowel Allergic to Your Food?
Chronic Fatigue; Could it Be Allergies?
Are Allergy Tests Accurate?
Adios to Your Sensitivities - Naturally
Are You Wheezing and Sneezing?
Bloating, Belching, Gas, Constipation... Carbohydrate Intolerance
Chico Sucks...
Diarrhea: Gluten or Carbohydrate Intolerance?
about-arthritis--osteoporos/ 4 pages
About Arthritis & Osteoporosis
Natural Pain Relief for Arthritis
Preventing Osteoporosis
Are You Absorbing Enough Calcium to Prevent Osteoporosis?
about-digestion/ 14 pages
About Digestion
Diet, Digestion and Fibromyalgia
Are You at Risk for Syndrome X?
Mediterranean Diet: Recipe for Healthy Living
Are you Toxic?
What Does Back Pain Have to do With Indigestion?
The Candida Catastrophe
Lowering Cholesterol Naturally?
Reduce Cancer Deaths By One Third
Do You Need Enzymes?
Reaching Your Health Goals?
Probiotics and You
The Devastation of Leaky Gut Syndrome
What’s Causing Your Pain?
about-drugs/ 4 pages
About Drugs
10 Things Medicine Doesn’t Do Well
Are Heartburn Drugs Harmful?
Chronic Use of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Doubles the Risk of Death by Heart Attack
about-gluten/ 6 pages
About Gluten
Is Gluten Causing Your Bowel Problems?
Eating Gluten Free and Still Having Bowel Problems?
Gluten Intolerant: Are You?
Is Gluten Irritating Your Bowel?
Is Gluten Causing your Tootin’? Or is it Something Else?
about-headaches--migraines/ 3 pages
About Headaches & Migraines
Headaches & Migraines: Relief Starts in Your Gut
Does Your Headache Start in Your Gut?
about-irritable-bowel-syndr/ 10 pages
About Irritable Bowel Syndrome
IBS Relief
Are Your Bowels Irritating You?
Eating Right and Still Having Bowel Problems?
When Your Bowel Speaks...Listen to your Gut
Summon the Doctor Within for IBS
Breakthrough for IBS?
IBS: Fact or Myth?
Probiotics and IBS
Irritable Bowel Syndrome: What’s Your Bowel Telling You?
news-about-us/ 3 pages
Summon the Doctor Within for IBS
Chico News and Review Article
radio/ 16 pages
Cosmetics, 5 Pounds of Chemicals
Go Green...Tea
Greatest Health Care System
Save 00
Skinny and Fat at the Same Time
Supersize it!
Supermarket, Part 2
The Best Diet?
supermarket/ 1 pages
blog/ 17 pages
BLOG: Stories, News & Updates
Gluten Free Confusion
Hope for People Who Have Food Sensitivities
Lactose Intolerance Develops with Aging
Food Allergies Become More Common
Added Sugars Raise Cholesterol
Protein Supplements - Can You Handle Them?
Does Junk Food Make Junky Genes?
The Benefits of Health Care Reform
Heartburn and GERD Drugs Increase Infections
Calcium Supplements Boost Heart Attack Risk?
Fat Digestion and Your Hormones
Food Allergies May Increase Asthma Atttacks
Watchdog Group Petitions FDA For Black Box Warnings on GERD Drugs
Flu Shot: A Shot in the Dark?
Children's Allergy Medicine: To Dye For?
Should I Get a Flu Shot this Season?
helpful-links/ 2 pages
Helpful Links
Frequently Asked Questions
say-goodbye-to-your-sensiti/ 3 pages
Say Goodbye to Your Sensitivities without Shots or Pills
Food Sensitivities Quiz: Is This YOU?
Schedule a Consultation
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Our Patients Speak
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Upcoming Seminars